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Academiv year 2013-14

  • Being a refugee, Lecturers: Maria Stoianova, BRC; Vladimir Panov, BKBUN; Nabil Abut, Social worker;
    Discussants: Stana Ilieva; Moderator: Evelina Staikova, 12.03.2014, NBU

  • Japanese migration in Europe and Bulgaria, Lecturer: Yana Yovcheva,
    Discussant: Evelina Staykova, 13.03.2014, NBU
  • Fates, Roads, Politics: The Syrian immigrants in Bulgaria
  • Public lecture: "Borders and Cities" Lecture: Ildiko Otava, Discussant as. Evelina Staikova, NBU 16.12.2013

Academic year 2012-2013

  • Ethnic Policy of South Korea, Lecture: Seungeun Lee, Discussant: Prof. Anna Krasteva, NBU, 12.07.2013
  • Migration Policy of Kazakhstan, Lecture: Almira Sagimbayeva, Discussant prof. Anna Krasteva, NBU, 12.07.2013
  • Japanese Migration in Europe and Bulgaria, Yana Yovcheva, Moderator: Anna Krasteva, Discussant: Vanya Ivanova,12.03.2013, NBU
  • To be a Refugee, Stana Ilieva, Moderator: Evelina Staykova, Discussant: Vanya Ivanova, 3.12.2012, NBU
  • Return Migration to Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina: Trends and specificities for the highly-qualified, Vanya Ivanova, Moderator: Evelina Staykova, Discussant: Ildiko Otova, 19.11.2012, NBU
  • Korean Migration to Europe and Bulgaria: Past, present and future, Seung Eun Lee, Moderator: Evelina Staykova, 5.11.2012, NBU
  • Afghan Migration, d-r Mohamad Salem, Moderator: Evelina Staykova, Discussant: Vanya Ivanova, 29.10.2012, NBU
  • African Migration in Bulgaria: between fear and being exotic, d-r Denitza Kamenova, moderator: Evelina Staykova, Discussant: Ildiko Otova, 22.10.2012, NBU

Academic year 2011- 2012

  • Nationalism, Transnationalism and Multiculturalism: The Relevance of Religious Pilgrimage in Europe, John Eade, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Centre for Research of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (CRONEM), Roehampton University and University of Surrey, Discussants: Anna Krasteva and Stefan Ilchev, Moderator: Simeon Evstatiev, 21. 05. 2012, Red House for Culture and Debate, 19h
  • Bordering the Balkans, Prof. Anna Krasteva, Moderator: Evelina Staykova, Discussant: Vanya Ivanova, 29.03. 2012, 18h. 407, II
  • Aggression and Ethnic Conflicts, Valentina Halberg, Stana Ilieva, International PhD Programme "Diversity Management and Governance" Moderator: Prof. Anna Krasteva d.h.k., Discussant: Ildiko Otova, 13.01. 2012, 14h, Library Hall
  • European liberalism and "Muslim question", Tihomira Trifonova, Ph.D. program "Political Science", Discussant: Evelina Staykova, Center for Migration Studies on 07.12.2011, 19.40h , 701, Building 2
  • Europeanization of migration policy, Tihomira Trifonova, Ph.D. program "Political Science", Discussant: Evelina Staykova, Center for Migration Studies 07.12.2011, 18.00h 508 A, Building 1
  • European citizens, participation and identity, Gianfranco Brusaporchi, International PhD Programme "Management of diversity management", Discussant: Ildiko Otova, Center for Migration Studies, November 30, 2011, 19:40 ch.701 Hall, Building 2
  • Elections 2009: Attack and MRF, Gianfranco Brusaporchi, International PhD Programme "Diversity management and governance", November 22, 2011, 18.00 Room 308, Building 2
  • From legal to social citizenship, Lorenzo latte, International PhD Programme " Diversity management and governance ", Discussant: Ildiko Otova, Center for Migration Studies, November 16, 2011, 19:40 am Room 701, Building 2
  • Migration and Development, Vanya Ivanova, Moderator: Prof. Anna Krasteva d.h.k., Discussant: Ildiko Otova, November 11, 2011, 16:00 Room 512, Building 1
  • Contemporary problems in researches of ethnic policies , Prof. Anna Krasteva d.h.k. Director of the Center for Migration study, 11 November 2011, 14.00 Room 512, Building 1

Academic year 2010- 2011

  • Migration and Citizenship: Concepts and Perspectives, Evelina Staykova, Ph.D. Center for Migration Studies, Moderator: Prof. Dr. Anna Krasteva, July 7, 2011, 18:00, 116 Room, Building 2
  • Migration, diversity, cities: a comparative analysis of policies Sofia, Vienna, Paris, Ildiko Otova, Ph.D. Center for Migration Studies, 12.07.2011, NBU
  • How to measure integration?,Zvezda Vankova, "Open Society Institute" Moderator: Evelina Staykova, Discussant: Vanya Ivanova, on 19/05/2011, 18:00, Building 1 - Room 413
  • Mobile brains: European policies and individual strategies , Lecturers: Prof. Nikolay Mateev and Anna Krasteva, DHC, Moderator: Evelyna Staykova, Discussion: Vanya Ivanova, 8.04.2011, 15h, Library Hall, NBU
  • Blue_night, Gianfranco Brusapochi, University of Bologna, NBU,  Moderator: Evelyna Staykova, Discussion: Vanya Ivanova, 8.04.2011,16.30h, Library Hall, NBU
  • Studying the Greek and Macedonians  refugees of the Civil War. Thoughts of field work in Bulgaria, Maria Kokkinou (EHESS, Paris) NBU,21.01.2011
  • The adventures of the term “political refuge” in the Greek legislation concerning the political asylum (1975-2005), Maria Kokkinou (EHESS, Paris)  NBU,21.01.2011
  • Migratory practices of a Bulgarian gypsie community : general context and local logics, Kler Mari (University Bordeaux II) , NBU,21.01.2011Highly Qualified Migration:
  • Brain Drain, Brain Gain, Brain Circulation, Lecture: Vanya Ivanova, Discussant: Ildiko Otova,14.12.2010, 310 II, 18.00
  • Migration Policy of Italy, Lecture in French: Gianfranco Brusaporci, International PhD program "Diversity management and governance", Discussant: Ildiko Otova, 23.11.2010, 310 II, 18.00
  • Dutch Migration in Bulgaria, Emilia Bratanova, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Return Migration in Bulgaria, Vanya Ivanova, PhD student, CERMES, 12.11.2010. Library Hall, NBU,  15.00-18.00
  • Debate Е-vote, Moderator: assoc. prof. Anna Krasteva, Red House,  8.11.2010, 16.00 

Academic year 2009-2010

  • Student Migration: Macedonian Students in Bulgaria.Maria Barzinska, PhD (CERMES). Discussant: Evelina Staykova,  27.05.2010, NBU, 16:20
  • Migration Policy of Canada. Anna Rizova. Discussant: Ildiko Otova. 20.05.2010, NBU, 316 II 19:40
  • Internally Displaced Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vanya Ivanova (CERMES). Discussant: Evelina Staykova. 13.05.2010, NBU, 16:20
  • European Refugee Fund in Bulgaria.Irina Zheljazkovа, Discssant: Vanya Ivanova. 29.04.2010. NBU, 16:20
  • Seminar of the PhD students of the Department of Political Science, NBU, 28-29.12.2009, Velingrad.
  • Immigrants – are we ready for them? Sofia, 14.12.2009, Czech cultural center, Moderator: assoc. prof. dr. Anna Krasteva
  • Political Migration. Vanya Ivanova. Discussant: Evelina Staykova, 10.12.2009, 16h20, NBU
  • Migration and Internationalization. The Example of Sofia, Ildiko Otova. Discussant: Evelina Staykova, 26.11.2009, 16h20, NBU
  • "Being a Refugee in Bulgaria?" and “Fair” of Refugee Cultures, 16.11.2009, 18h30, Red House, on the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance.

Academic year 2008-09

  • Refugees' Policy and European Refugee Fund in Bulgaria, Irina Jeliazkova (State Agency for Refugees), 28 May 2009, NBU, 16h20
  • Being a student abroad: Bulgarian students abroad and foreign students in Bulgaria, 24 April 2009, 15h – 17h, Red House; Participants: Lili Goleminova (journalist), Diana Karabinova (expert), Maria Barzinska (expert), Vania Ivanova and Hristo Bojadzhiev ("Here - There"), Anna Kuznetsova (Bessarabian Bulgarian in Bulgaria),Nikoleta Sotirova (Bulgarian student abroad), Jurii Belioglov (student from Ukraine), Mona el Halif (student in Vienna as intern in Bulgaria). Moderator: Anna Krasteva
  • Minorities and Migrations in Bulgaria, 20 March 2009, 15h – 17h, Red House; Lecture of Marie Lazaridis, France; Discussants: Antonii Galabov, Mihail Ivanov; Participants: Anna Krasteva, Blagovest Niagolov, Georgi Zhechev, Aleksei Pamporov
  • Migration and European Integration, Paolo Ruspini, University of Lugano, Switzerland, 12 March 2009, 16h20 – 18h, NBU (MigrationEUIntegration_Outline.pdf )
  • Open Cities: Immigration as a Source of Economic Growth, Red House, 19.01. 2009, 16:00 - 18:30. Debate, organized by British Council and Sofia Municipality with the participation of Anna Krasteva, CERMES
  • Refugees from War: Policies of Reception, Miladina Monova (Centre for advanced studies),15.01.2009, NBU, 18h
  • European and National Migration Policies , public lecture, CERMES and Bulgarian Memory Foundation under the patronage of the Embassador of France, 19.11.2008, French Institute, 18:30 ( Invitation in French)
  • Linguistic Minorities, Ludwig Castori (General Secretary on International Cooperation of the French Community in Belgium), 12.11.2008, NBU, 14h30
  • The Rights of the Minorities in Bulgaria, Blandine Krigel (President of the Supreme Council on Integration in France), 31.10.2008, French Institute, 17h

Academic year 2007-08

  • Migration Policy of Austria, Maria Dzhengozova (ICMDP, Vienna), 15.05.2008, NBU, 18h
  • Migration Policy of Germany, Mila Mancheva (IMIR), 17.04.2008, NBU, 18h
  • Round table Being a Bulgarian in Austria, 26.03.08, Red House, 18h
  • Minorities and Citizenship on the Balkans, lecture by prof. Jean-Arnaud Derens, editor in chief, Courrier des Balkans, 26.03.2008, chair: Anna Krasteva, NBU, 14h20
  • Round table Immigration in-between Human Rights and Security, 10.03.08, Manfred Woerner Foundation, 17h
  • Migration and Media, Zhana Nikolova (Za grada), discussant: Anna Krasteva, chair: Nadezhda Stoyanova (Manfred Woerner Foundation), 25.01.2008, 18h, Manfred Woerner Foundation, 29 Slavianska Str.
  • The Bulgarian Emigration, Ralitza Soultanova (Free University of Brussels), discussant: Mila Mancheva, 16.01.08, NBU, 19h30
  • Migration Policy of Belgium , Ralitza Soultanova (Free University of Brussels), discussant: Benoit Lobet, 16.01.08, NBU, 18h
  • Leisure Mobility, Sandrine Bochev (University of Brest), discussant: Irena Bokova (NBU), 4.12.07, NBU, 19h30
  • Migration Policy of France, Anna Krasteva (CERMES) and Sandrine Bochev (University of Brest), 4.12.07, NBU, 18h

Academic year 2006-07

  • Round table “Being a refugee in Bulgaria” in the Red house within the project “Invisible communities: being a woman abroad” funded by the Trust for Civil Society with the participation of D. Shopf, M. Ivanov, A.Galabov, A.Krasteva, E.Jileva, D.Kamenova, T.Trifonova, V.Ivanova, T.Bonova, A.Bourgi, S.Kalawy, L.Cl.Minchouila.
  • Catherine de Wenden, CERI, Paris, “Migration in Europe and security”, Discussants A. Krasteva and E. Jileva. Co-organized with the French Institute and the Representation of the European commission.
  • A. Tcholakova, University of Lyon II and NBU “Migration policy of France”
  • Round Table “Balkan Migrations” in the Representation of the European Commission.with the participation of A. Krasteva, I. Ismaili, M. Barzinska, V. Ivanova. E. Jileva, M. Ivanov within the project “Strengthening cross-border cooperation in the Western Balkan regarding migration management”, directed by Group 484, Serbia.
  • A. Maleev, University of Vienna “Migration policy of Spain”
  • Sami Kalawy , Denmark “Islam and security”
  • Round table “Being an Arab in Bulgaria” in the Red house within the project “Invisible communities: being a woman abroad” funded by the Trust for Civil Society.
  • Round table “Women, ethnicity, science” in the Red house within the project “Women scientists from ethnic and immigrant origin” directed by Free University of Brussels within the 6th Framework programme with the participation of A.Krasteva, T. Kmetova, I. Tomova, E. Tahir, E. Iskrenova, N.Sretenova.

Academic year 2005-06

  • M. Barzinska, NBU, “Macedonian immigration in Bulgaria”;
  • E. Jileva, Jean Monnet fellow, R.Shuman Centre of the European University Institute, Florence, “Migration policy of the UE”;
  • M. Delcheva, Ministry of Interior, “Illegal migration”.
  • N. Ouali, Free University of Brussels, “Women and migration”
  • Round table in the Red house “Migration and the new borders in Europe” - A.Krasteva, A.Tcholakova,T.Trifonova, A.Makitou, N.Kalut, M.Kaushik
  • R.Soultanova, Free University of Brussels, “Bulgarians as refugees”, “Revival of the gasterbeiter model”
  • A.Tcholakova, University of Lyon II and NBU, “Refugees and labor”, Refugges in France”

Academic year 2004-05

  • D. Benvenisti-Gabay, deputy head of mission, Embassy of Israel, “Migration policy of Israel”, discussant M. Mayer;
  • L. Druke, representative of UNHCR to Sofia, “Harmonization of refugee policy”;
  • N. Kayobotsi, CGRI, “Migration policy of Belgium”, discussant A. Krasteva;
  • M. Barkin, Embassy of USA, “Migration policy of USA”, discussant T. Marincheshka;
  • A.Krasteva, I.Ditchev, Z. Jianfei, L. Lideianova, N. Kaoyobotsi, S. Alexandrova “ Immigration and the city” in cooperation with the Red House;
  • T. Bonova, International Committee of the Red Cross, “International humanitarian law”;
  • R. Soultanova, Free University of Brussels, “Deregulation of the migration control”;
  • A. Krasteva, L. Avanis, A. Bourgi, S. Alhofash, S. Majid Ahmed, B. Saberi, F. Kayo within Matra project sponsored by the Dutch Emabassy “Refugees and integration” in cooperation with the Red House;
  • D. Shopf , UNHCR – Sofia, “Refugees in former Yoguslavia”.

Academic year 2003-04

  • Minister F. Husmenova “Refugees in Bulgaria and cooperation among the institutions”;
  • V. Minchev, “Bulgarian Emigration”, discussant M. Karamihova in cooperation with UNHCR and the Center for Study of Democracy;
  • E. Milanov, “The Bulgarian Diaspora”, discussant B. Niagolov;
  • А. Krasteva, A. Zheliazkova, D. Dimitrova, E. Anastasova, E. Mitseva “The Immigration in Bulgaria”, discussant G. Lazarova;
  • D. Kamenova “The Africans in Bulgaria”, discussant D. Dimitrova;
  • А. Krasteva, T. Trifonova, D. Kamenova “Immigration, Integration, Civic Culture”, discussant E. Manolova in cooperation with UNHCR and the Center for Study of Democracy;
  • K. Kosatev, State Agency for Refugees, “Laws on refugees”;
  • V. Kuzmanov, A. Andreeva, M. Radeva, State Agency for Refugees, “Refugees in Bulgaria”.



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