Prof. Anna Krasteva, PhD [CV]

Doctor honoris causa of University of Lille 3, France

Editor-in-chief, Journal Southeastern Europe, Brill - http://www.brill.nl/seeu
E-mail: anna.krasteva@gmail.com
Tel .: ( +359 ) 887 239 568

Blog: annakrasteva.wordpress.com

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Evelina Staikova, PhD [CV]

Topic of research: Migration and citizenship: Bulgaria in European context

E-mail: staikova@gmail.com

On the 12th December 2013 in NBU a defense of doctoral thesis was conducted by Evelina Staikova,
with topic of research "Migration and the new boundaries of the citizenship: Bulgaria in today's context",
under the the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Doc Anna Krasteva.
The jury consisted of following academicians: Prof. Antonii Todorov, Prof. Dr. HS Trendafil Mitev,
Assoc. prof. Dr. Anna Krasteva, Assoc. prof. Dr.
Andrey Nonchev,

Publications, projects, presentations:

Ildiko Otova, PhD  [CV]
Topic of Research: European cities, mobility, new citizenship: Sofia the possible “open” city

E-mail: ildiko.otova@gmail.com

  •  Summary (in English)

Vanya Ivanova, PhD
Topic of research: Return Policies: Comparative Analysis of the Highly Qualified Migration in Bulgaria and
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Denitza Kamenova, PhD [CV]

E-mail: denitza_kamenova@yahoo.co.uk

Maria Barzinska, PhD [CV]
Topic of research: The Bulgarian Policy on Macedonian Migration after 1989
E-mail: mbarzinska@yahoo.com

On 9th October 2009 in NBU (building 1, Hall Prof. Peter Moutaftchiev) was held the viva of PhD thesis of Maria Barzinska, research topic „The Bulgarian policy on Macedonian migration after 1989” under the supervision of Assoc. prof. Dr. Anna Krasteva. The jury consisted of following academicians: Prof. Dr. HS Trendafil Mitev, Assoc. prof. Dr. Anna Krasteva, Assoc. prof. Dr. Atanas Gotchev, Assoc. prof. Dr. Dinko Dinkov, Assoc. prof. Dr. Antonii Todorov, Assoc. prof. Dr. Antonii Galabov, Assoc. prof. Dr. Momtchil Badzhakov.

Publications, projects, presentations:

Albena Cholakova, PhD

Topic of Research:  In search for work, recognitive stakes and identity transformation: a comparative approach to
refugees’ professional careers in France and Bulgaria

E-mail: albena.tcholakova@laposte.net

This thesis deals with the issues refugees face in accessing work in France and Bulgaria. The thesis focuses in particular on two sets of issues, namely, the ways in which the refugees’ professional careers are reoriented in their encounters with the social contexts of the host country; and the identity transformations that are involved in these reorientations of their professional careers. The first part of this thesis aims to characterise the specific traits of the refugees’ search for work. The thesis contends that this search has to be conceived as a multilayered social experience, and proposes a way to theoretically and methodologically connect its various dimensions (subjective/objective, micro/macro, local/global). The second part compares “societal effects” in France and Bulgaria in order to explain why particular types of professional careers are predominant in each country. It also explains why some factors play a role in the fact that certain refugees are developing certain type of careers in one country but not in the other. The third part deals with identity transformations in terms of reactions to denials of recognition, and in terms of the work performed by individuals to preserve their identity.

Publications, projects, presentations:

Petia Georgieva, PhD [CV]

Topic of research: Social Democracy in East-Central Europe – Convergence and Divergence with the Social-democratic Identity of ‘Western’ Social Democracy
E-mail: pgeorgieva@nbu.bg

Gianfranco Brusaporci, PhD [CV]

Topic of Research: Euroregions and Cross Border Areas in South East Europe: Defining an effective model for the
area. Qualitative Comparative Analysis between Albania, Bulgaria and FYROM

E-mail: gianfranco.brusaporci@yahoo.com


Tihomira Trifonova
Topic of Research: Lebanese Immigration in Bulgaria
E-mail: tiho@gateway.bg
Tel .: ( +359 ) 887 915 547

Stana Iliev
Topic of Research: Entrepreneurial policies for social inclusion: the case of Roma and Refugees in Bulgaria
E-mail: stana_iliev@web.de

MA students

Nadejda Krandeva
E-mail: nkrandeva@gmail.com


Marina Trencheva [CV]
E-mail: marina_trencheva@abv.bg

International scientific committee


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